We are just stupid
Just the time the most terrible railroad disaster occurred in Amagasaki, Joe was on a train of Hanshin's.
And he has left his little bag behind!
It's a typical careless mistake he makes very often.
I called the lost and found in Osaka but they don't have anything like it.
But Joe doesn't believe that.
He seems to trust Japanese system and people too much.
He believes he can get it back.
I'm sure the bag looks surprisingly cheap for almost of Japanese people.
They might throw it away as a trash probably.
Joe doesn't believe what I mean.
He says I must call them tomorrow again.
JOE must call and speak to them (IN JAPANESE) !!!
If he really want to get back, he should look for damn the bag in all the coaches for himself!!
What a ridiculous matter! He should be careful or lose his nose!

We have this sort of stupid spat sometimes.
I know I need to be adult than the foolish man.
But it is hard to be patient of his childish way sometimes even though he is much better than other guys usually.
To think about the victims and their families of the great tragedy, I'm just silly with this little quarrel. I know this........
by pirimiso | 2005-04-27 01:07 | 日々の怒り?
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